it’s a solid deodorant coconut oil keep the skin moisturized and can protect the skin from harmful bacteria.

Ylang Ylang Deodorant

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Our deodorants  are solid, there will be a period when your body will be perspiring  more than usual. That is your body letting out the built up toxins. That’s the effect of natural, our deodorants  are blended with good oil and plants  to bring a good product  to leave your skin feeling fresh.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, Shea Butter, Diatomaceous Earth, Vitamin E, Earth Wax, essential oil, blended  Oil.

Description: Our Natural Deodorant  is for both men and women. Our Deodorants  are Paraben free, Aluminium Free  and alcohol free. They are for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. Its powerful Long lasting  sweat  and protection. A little  goes a long way. No yellow and black stains on white or light colored  clothing. Just use a little.